Looking for friends I made at Crystal Fair!

Keskustelua 4.-6.7.2014 pidetystä Crystal Fair conista.

Looking for friends I made at Crystal Fair!

ViestiKirjoittaja manicsculptor » 19.04.2016 13:44

Hyvaa huamentaa, poni puhaltimet! (Did I get that right?) Hope you're all having a bit of a fun day! This is a bit of a small chance, but am looking to get back in touch with a few frIends I made at Crystal Fair that I lost contact with when I changed my email - I'm the Scottish guy that was selling customs and sculpts! So if Aino (Fluttershy cosplayer, journalist, spent an awesome day at Suomelinna with), Tia (I still have your sculpt of your namesake!) who introduced me to fantastic Finnish candy, or Henri (re-met somewhere in America! Still have your Derpy!) are out there, please do get in touch! Am hoping to get back to Finland this year, would be great to see you!

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