Set 7 / Marks of Time spoilerit!

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Set 7 / Marks of Time spoilerit!

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Make your mark on Equestrian history with Marks in Time! In this expansion to the My Little Pony Collectible Card Game, players will get to experience great moments throughout the My Little Pony timeline and challenge the powerful Starlight Glimmer as she tries to rewrite history. In Marks in Time, players will confront all-new Dilemmas caused by time travel, find Starlight Glimmer as both Friend and Foe, and choose between the Cutie Mark Crusaders as they each arrive on new Mane Character cards! 12 cards per pack / 36 packs per display. NOTE: This item is sold to retailers in full displays.
Please contact your retailer for availability. ETP 4915-D
LINK: http://www.gametrademagazine.com/downlo ... 4Games.pdf page 8.


MLP: CCG Marks in Time is the 7th set and 3rd expansion for Block 2 of the My Little Pony CCG. The time travel theme and new keywords will keep this game moving! A brand new "Make Your Mark" 4 Booster Draft Pack will include one of three exclusive foil Mane Character cards for the set at a very attractive price!

Launch Date May 20, 2016

Mark your calendars and meet us on May 20th for the new expansion of My Little Pony CCG! "Marks in Time" is the third expansion set of MLP: CCG Block 2, and features the awe-inspiring time travel magic of Starlight Glimmer, plenty of powerful pony figures from Equestria's past, plus many of your favorite ponIes as foals making history and earning their cutie marks!
* The Cutie Mark Crusaders each wIth individual Mane Character and Super Rare Friend cards
* 2 new gameplay keywords that change the way you play - more details to come!
* The debut of Starlight Glimmer as Mane Character and Friend cards
* 5 new color combinations on dual-color cards, rounding out all 15 across Block 2
* The return of Token cards, the next 5 Song cards, and so much more!
Coming with Set 7 of MLP: CCG is the new "Make Your Mark" Draft Pack. Each includes one of the foil Cutie Mark Crusader Mane Characters cards, along with 4 booster packs of MLP: CCG. Pick up all three to complete your collection and try out the game-changing fun of Draft Format - more details to come!

Spoiler: näytä

Enterplay plans a new set for its CCG, a Value Pack trading card product, another trading card set in its regular series, and has news on its Dice Sets and other products. My Little Pony CCG Set 7, which will be titled Marks in Time, will ship in late May, company executives told ICv2 at the GAMA Trade Show in Las Vegas. It will ship in Booster Packs and a Make Your Marks -- Draft Pack, which will include four boosters and three exclusive foil Mane Character cards, for $10.99 MSRP.

The theme of the Marks in Time set will be time travel, with Starlight Glimmer, in the card pictured here, featured prominently.
My Little Pony CCG: High Magic, the most recent CCG series (see “Enterplay’s Next ‘My Little Pony CCG’ Products and Events”) was the last to include a deck product, as Enterplay is now moving to the Draft Pack product configuration.

We also asked about some previously announced products. The Deluxe Dice Sets, originally announced for last summer (see “’Deluxe Dice Sets’ for ‘My Little Pony CCG’”), has been delayed by manufacturing issues, although the company is still planning a dice product.

While Enterplay is still considering a separate stand-alone two-player product, the theme has not yet been decided, and it will now be a draft pack type product, rather than a theme deck.

And the company still hopes to launch a My Little Pony organized play website which accommodates the special issues associated with the product line’s young fan base, and continues to work on it.

The property remains strong, according to Enterplay CEO Dean Irwin, who noted that the most recent Brony-Con boasted record attendance, and that the company’s mass products, such as the second series of My Little Pony dogtags, released last December, are selling very well.

Setin uudet mekanismit on "cutie-marked" ja "dilemma". Niistä tulee tietoa lisää parin päivän päästä. Lisäksi spoilasivat kenties pelin huonoimman UR:n sitten Elementtien, eli
Spoiler: näytä

Onneks en pelaa noita värejä.

MLP: CCG fan Destiny Draw solved the secret code that was being slowly revealed on Enterplay's Facebook and Twitter, and the reward is the early release of information about two gameplay mechanics debuting in "Marks in Time," the new CCG set coming out in May.

The first of these reveals came today: it's Cutie Marking, which you can see above on cute little Rara and Derpy! They came along with this description:

"If a card can be Cutie Marked, you may pay 2 action tokens to do so, which also puts a +1 power counter on the card. As you can see on our two example cards here, getting a Cutie Mark can give a Friend a one-time effect or have further long-term impact on the game... and sometimes cards have both! Some of these abilities include stuff like gaining keywords, interacting with your opponent's cards, or even fiddling with Troublemakers and cards in hand."

There are more than 20 cards in Marks in Time related to Cutie Marking, so we'll definitely have more to look at as we get closer to release weekend.
Spoiler: näytä

Marks in Time will make history when it hits in May, changing the My Little Pony CCG forever. Cutie Marking is a fun new mechanic to be sure, but you ain't seen nothing yet!
Dilemma cards are the answer to a question nopony dared to ask: what do you get when you mash a Resource and Problem together into one card. A Dilemma is a Resource card while it's in your deck or hand, with cost, requirement, and power just like any Resource. However, when Dilemma cards enter play, they are placed alongside your current Problem card and act as another additional Problem that can be moved to, confronted, and solved, just like any other!
Players probably have some very good questions to ask about this, and one of the most pressing and interesting questions needs answering right away: can each player have more than one Dilemma in play at one time? Yes, yes they can. And with Dilemmas in all six colors, there are some very interesting options for those who are eager to give them a try!
You might have many questions, and don't worry, we'll have more to share as we get closer to the debut of MLP: CCG Marks in Time!
Spoiler: näytä

We shared two Cutie Marking cards, so it's only fair that we share a second Dilemma card with all you My Little Pony Collectible Card Game fans who are eager to see more of Set 7, Marks in Time!
Frequently Asked Questions about Dilemmas:
Q) Do Dilemmas replace a Problem, or are they another additional Problem in play?
A) You play Dilemmas as additional Problems that can be confronted. They don't replace the Problem that came from your Problem deck, and you can play multiple Dilemmas to the field.
Q) Do they stop being Resources in play?
A) Yes. While in any location except in play, Dilemmas are Resource cards. You play them as a Resource, they enter play as a Problem, and become a Resource again as they enter your discard pile.
Q) How do Dilemmas affect double Problem faceoffs (DFOs)?
A) If you confront ANY two or more Problems during the score phase, you will start a multi-Problem faceoff, which is just like a double Problem faceoff except it includes characters at ALL Problems. Colloquially, we like to call a multi-Problem faceoff a "Fracas!" Hymiö smile
Q) What happens if Snips & Snails, Problem Solvers uses its "replace" effect on a Dilemma?
A) The same as would happen at any normal Problem card, except a) it goes to your discard pile, and b) you don't "replace" the Dilemma with another Dilemma nor a card from your Problem deck.
Spoiler: näytä

Attention MLP: CCG players - we're announcing an update to the Comprehensive Rules. These rules take effect Wednesday, May 4th.
The most notable change in the 3.2 update, linked above, is that players no longer score the bonus points on a Problem for being the first player to confront that Problem.
The primary reason for this change is that Problem-solving can feel like the incorrect action to take, even for an aggressive, Problem-solving deck, since you may be opening up fresh Problems for your opponent to confront and claim the bonus points there. This sometimes allows your opponent to benefit more from your Problem-solving than you personally receive!
Not only can this can make it difficult to catch up from behind, but it's unintuitive in a game that is fundamentally meant to be about confronting Problems and the player interaction that occurs during Problem faceoffs. It is our belief removing the these bonus points will helps to remedy the above points and creates more intuitive, fun, and dynamic games.
Due to the nature of this change we wanted to make sure to communicate it well in advance and separate from the Set 7 rules update. Remember, this update does not take effect until Wednesday, May 4th, so it will not impact any events being run in April.
Keep in mind also that Problem bonus points will still be used to determine points scored for faceoffs, and to interact with cards that reference bonus points - players just won't score those bonus points for being the first to confront that Problem after May 4th.

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Setin julkaisupäivä lykkääntynyt 10.6. asti USAssa. Pre-release viikonloppu siellä on 3-5.6., jolloin saadaan täydet korttispoilerit ja uudet säännöt/bannilistat. EP edustajan mukaan Suomen pre-release saataisiin jo 10.6., mutta ilmeisesti Desucon jakaa porukan joten varmaankin vasta 17.6. onnistuu

Ohessa raskauttavaa kuvamateriaalia draftiseteistä. Kolmenlaisia siis tulossa, ja sisältönä on yksi CMC mane, promo Kevin, 2 Marks of Time boosteria ja 2 muuta boosteria joko Equestria Odysseystä tai High Magicista.
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